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First Author Second/Third Author Title Accepted/ Rejected/ On Hold
Aariefa Basheer, Dr. Kaliyaperumal, K., Dr. & Abdul Latheef, N. Role Of Public Libraries For The Development Of Agriculture And Related Industries: With Special Reference To Vellore District Accepted
Akella, N.V.S. Syamala Rao, S.R. Role of public libraries in building knowlede society
Alagu, A. Thanuskodi, S., Dr. User education for Academic Libraries Accepted
Amudha, G., Dr. Senthamilselvi, A., Dr. Growth Rate and Authorship Pattern Analysis of Nanotechnology Literature Accepted
Anjaline, C Impact of information and communication technology on libraries
Arivukarasu, T Murugan, K., Dr Use of technologies for knowledge sharing of library users: a study Accepted
Arulmozhi, V. Arul, A. Role of libraries for social development
Arumugam, J. Kamatchi, S. & Balasubramani, R. Data Visualization Tools for Research: A Study Accepted
Ayyanar, K. Thirunavukkarasu, A., Dr. Information Literacy: An Overview Accepted
Balachandra, R. Information Sources and Services of B.Ed College Libraries in Anantapur District Accepted
Balakrishnan, R. Jeyshankar. R., Dr. & Manthira Moorthi, M. Information and Communication Technological Skills of Competitive Exam Aspirants: A Study Accepted
Chetan Sudhakar Sonawane Marketing of Library and Information Products and Services: A Case Study of KMC Colleg Accepted
Chinnadurai, D. Tamizhchelvan, M. A Study on Open Access Resource with special Reference to Open Access Directory Accepted
Devan, M. Availability and Accessibility of Information Resources in Public and Academic Library Accepted
Dhanavandan, S., Dr. Institutional Repositories in SAARC Countries: A Study Accepted
Franklin, J., Dr. Sakariya, K. Redefining the Skill sets of Library Professionals
Gana, G. S. Jayapriya, R., Dr. The potential of Community Information Service through Public Library Accepted
George, K.F., Dr. Data Curation in Digital Library Accepted
Gomathy, S. Social Media for Teaching and Learning Accepted
Gowri, P. Padma, P., Dr. Use of Social Networking Sites by Ph.D FullTime Female Research Scholars of Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai: A Case Study Accepted
Hemala, K. Kavitha, E.S., Dr. Scientometric Analysis of Diabetic Retinopathy Research for the Period from 2010 to 2013 Accepted
Issac Newton, A. Gomathi, P., Dr. Research Output on Global Warming During the Year 2014 – 2015: A Scientometric Analysis
Jeeja, V.T Raja, S., Dr Penology Research Publication (1989-2017): A Scientometric Perspective Accepted
Jeevitha, V Kavitha, E.S., Dr A Study on Redefining the Role of Libraries
Jegan, P. Jayaprakash, M., Dr. Use of information seeking behaviour of libraries: an overview
Jeyapragash,B., Dr Rajkumar.T & Muthuraj.A Research Presence of the Alagappa University in ResearchGate
Jeyapragash,B., Dr Muthuraj.A & Rajkumar.T Research Support Service by using Profile Management System: with special reference to VIVO
Jyothi G Nair Raja, S., Dr Publication Growth and Citation Analysis of Environmental Science Research in India Accepted
Kalyani, V. Murugan, K.R., Dr. Role of Public Libraries on Women Empowerment: A study with special reference to Public Library in Karaikudi Sivaganga District Accepted
Karuilancheran, C. Ramakrishnan, K. Role of Information Communication Technology in Organic Agriculture
Kasmir Gnana Seelan, M. Chellappandi, P., Dr. Open Source Software: An Overview
Kousalya, K. Chithiraivel, S., & M. Murugan Intellectual Property Right: Conceptual Primitives Accepted
Krishnan, P Baskaran, C., Dr LinkedIn: A Social Network Services in Library and Information Science
Kulkarni Anant Madhav Muthumari, P., Dr Promoting library services through digital marketing
Lakshmi Priyaa, R.V Vinitha,K., Dr & Thirumagal, A., Dr Role of library and services for social media user
Lakshminarasimhappa, M. C. Kemparaju, T. D. Linking And Linking Tools For Access, Retrieval And Archiving Digital Collection
Lavanya,  A. Use of Federated Search in Libraries for Effective Information Retrieval: An Overview
Logeswari, A. Kadiresan, N. Access to Information, Knowledge and Wisdom in form of Digital Libraries
Maheswari, S., Dr. Library and Information Services to the Students in the Nursing Colleges: A Special Reference To RSK School Of Nursing – Tiruchirappalli
Malarvizhi, K.V.R. Janani, M. Implementation of library automation in butterfly kids library using koha
Mani, M. Arumugam, J., & Vinod Kumar, D. Pros and Cons of Digital Locker: An Initiative of Digital India Movement Accepted
Mani, M. Padma, P., Dr Awareness, Access and Use of Print and Electronic Information Resources among the Hostelling Full Time Male Research Scholars of Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, Tamilnadu: A Study Accepted
Manohari, S. Amudha, G. Users Perception of E-Resources in the Private University Libraries of Tamilnadu
Manonmony, S., Dr. Use Pattern of Electronic Information Resources by the Students of Senthamarai College of Arts and Science, Vadapalani, Madurai: A Case Study
Manthiramoorthi, M. Saravanakumar, RR., Dr. & M. Thamaraiselvi Health Literacy: A Scientometric Study
Mercy Angeline, X., Dr. Arun Pandian, R. Role of Public Library: A Future Vision
Mohamed Esmail, S., Dr. Shamili, N. A Study on Evaluating Agricultural Information Literacy of Farmers in Cuddalore District
Mohan Kumar, S. Role of Public Libraries in Economic Development
Mohanathan, P. Contribution of International Organization to the Knowledge Society: UNESCO and IFLA Accepted
Mumtaj Begum, H. Knowledge Management for Library & LIS Professionals
Muneer Ahmad, Sadik Batcha, M., Dr. & S. Roselin Jahina Web Impact Factor (WIF) and Link Analysis of Delhi University Websites: A Webometric Study
Murugan, K. R., Dr Vignesh Sabarikiran Cultural preservation through public libraries
Murugan, K., Dr. Ravi, S., Dr. & S. Gunasekaran Use of the Self Learning for Student’s in the University VOC College of Engineering Library: A Survey Accepted
Murugan, M. E-Resources and Usage of Academic Libraries: An Overview
Murugiah, P., Dr Baskaran, C., Dr Research Output on Yoga LiteratureDuring 2003 – 2017: A Scientometric Analysis
Muthuvennila, S. Thanuskodi, S., Dr. Intellectual property rights and Copyright: a Current Scenario in India Accepted
Nagaiah, M Babu, K.N.S., & C. Ravi Design and Development of Library Website using and at Sri Raaja Raajan College of engineering and technology: A Case Study Accepted
Nallaperumal Pillai, K. Role of School Library in the Creation of Knowledge Society
Naseer, A. Role of Professional Library Associations in Motivating the Job of Library and Information Professionals of University Libraries in Kerala: An Investigative Study Accepted
Natarajan, R., Dr. Ovarian Cancer Research in India: A Scientometric Analysis of Publications Output During Two Decades (1996-2015) in Scopus Accepted
Natarajan, R., Dr. A Bibliometric Analysis of LIS Journals Available in DOAJ Database from the Year 2004-2014 Accepted
Nishavathi, E Jeyshankar, R., Dr Role of Law Library in knowledge Society: a case study Accepted
Padma, P., Dr. Ramasamy, K. Try your hands on ‘hoopla’ : a netflix service for the digital patrons of your library Accepted
Palanivel, K Baskaran, C., Dr Quality Standards for Assessing Digital Reference Library Services in Adults: Guidelines and Procedures
Papaiah, O.P. Narasimha Murthy, C.V. Environmental Management by Capacity Building in Youth Through libraries
Pattabhi Raman.T,.Dr. Best Practices in the Academic Libraries with Reference to B.S.Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science & Technology, Vandalur, Chennai
Pitchaipandi, P. Baskaran, C., Dr. Full Paper Accepted
Pitchaipandi,P. Baskaran, C., Dr The awareness and utilization for use of social networking site by the public users in LCTL public library services, karaikudi, tamilnadu: a case study
Poompavai, S. Muthumari, P., Dr. Resource Sharing Technology and User Studies
Prakash, M. Arumugam, J. Salient Features of CiteUlike : A Social Bookmarking Tool
Prakash, M. Allysornam, S., Dr. Open Source Mind Mapping Software for Research Accepted
Pramanathan, U., Dr. Stephen, G., Dr. Role Of Social Media In Promotion Of Library And Information Services In Digital Era
Radjagopal, V., Dr. Chinnasamy, K., Dr. Role of libraries for teaching, learning and research
Raja, M. Library Services through Social Network : An Overview
Rajaram, K. Knowledge Sharing in Libraries through Social Networking
Rajashri S. Wayal Role of LIS Professionals in ICT Environment Accepted
Ramasamy, K. Padma, P., Dr. Makerspaces in libraries: the new infrastructural service platform for the creative, productive, working and innovative library patrons Accepted
Ramasubramanian, C. Vinitha, K., Dr. & Thirumagal, A., Dr. Imperative of Soft skills among young graduates in the career development Accepted
Ramireddy Pusapati Open courseware: e-learning
Ramkumar, G. Padma, P., Dr. A Study on Use and Impact of Social Media by Students of Higher Educational Institutions in Madurai City, Tamilnadu Accepted
Ratna Kumari, Ch. Overview of Knowledge Management and Academic Libraries : A Study Accepted
Ravi Kumar Kennedy I., Dr Raja T., Dr Knowledge sharing through mobile applications among women students in rani anna government college for women, tirunelveli – a study
Rony Sebastian Muthumari, P., Dr Open Access unlatched the gateway of scholarly publication in academic libraries: An Overview
Roselin Jahina, S. Changing Role of Libraries in Modern Society : An Overview Accepted
Saiju, D.I., Dr. Humayoon Kabir, S., Dr. Reading Habits among the Users of Taluk Reference Libraries in Kerala: A Study Accepted
Samuel, R. Shiva Shankari, K. An Overview of Self Help Group Accepted
Sanjeevi, K., Dr. Natarajan, V., & Sivakumaran, K. Research output on Electricity and Magnetism: A Scientometric Analysis Accepted
Sanmati Jinendran Jain Open Educational Resources in Indian Higher Education: An Overview Accepted
Santhanakrishnan, V. Gomathi, P., Dr. Bibliometric Analysis Of Library Management Journal Accepted
Saravanan, S. Baskaran, C., Dr. A Scientometric Analysis of Water Bioremediation Research Output in India during the year 1995-2018 Accepted
Saravanaraj, S. Vijayakumar, K., Dr. Subject Gateways to Education on Web Resources: An Evaluative Study
Sargunapathi, R. Sirajunissa, S., Dr. Role of Institutional Repository in Academic Libraries: an Open Software Accepted
Selvantony, A., Dr. Murugan, K., Dr. & S.B. Raihana Information Seeking Behaviour of B.S.Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute Of Science And Technology Engineering Students In ICT Environment: A Study Accepted
Selvaraj.R Shiva Shankari.Mrs INFLIBNET Centre as a Focal Point for Accessing Digital Content of Higher Education in India: An Analytical Study Accepted
Seshaiah, O., Dr. Ravi Prasad, Ch., & V. Masthanaiah Evaluation of Selected University Websites in Andhra Prades Accepted
Shajihan K.P Muthumari, P., Dr Core Competencies of Information Professionals working in the diverse population
Shyni, P. Rajeswari, S., Dr., & Dr. K. Shivarama Rao Dire need of Digital Public Space Accepted
Silambarasan, D. Use of Information Sources by Students of Engineering College in Annamalai University Accepted
Sindhuja, D. Open Source Software and their Impact on Libraries Accepted
Sindhuja, P. Role of Library And Information Services (LIS) in Promoting Knowledge Society: A Shallow Study Accepted
Singaravelu, V. Suresh, B., Dr. The Role of Libraries in Creating a Knowledge Society
Sivakumaren, K. S., Dr. Farheen Fatima, Dr. Growth of Publications of NIRF Ranked Engineering Institutions: A Study Accepted
Smitha C. Elayadom Thirunavukkarasu, A., Dr. Big data in Libraries: An Overview
Sobha Rani, J. Chengal Raju, S. The role of libraries in a knowledge-based society Accepted
Soniya, R. Kavitha, S., Dr., & T. Elakkiya Usage of Electronic Resources by Students of Engineering College in Annamalai University Accepted
Srilakshmi, B. Sridhar, K., Dr. Role of Libraries in Education Accepted
Stephen, G., Dr. Role of digital finance literacy for library and information Science society – a bird view Accepted
Stephen, T. Mercy Lydia, D. & Krishnaveni, K. Knowledge Sharing Through News Channel: An Opinion Study from Residence of Tirupur Accepted
Sudha Rani, Y., Dr. Nagaraju, K. Copyright awareness among women pg students of vikrama simhapuri Univeristy, nellore Accepted
Sudhakar, K. Thanuskodi, S., Dr. Bibliometric Study of Doctoral Dissertations in Library and Information Science as through INFLIBNET – Shodhganga
Sudhier, K.G., Dr Physically Challenged Student’s Use of Library Resources and Services
A study in the State of Kerala
Suganthi Julia, B. Challenges of Future Librarian in IT Era.
Sugirthakumar, E. Website Analysis Of Alagappa University Library As Per The Fulfilment Of Five Laws Of Library Science Accepted
Sumathi, P. Palaniappan, M., Dr. Library Information Services of Agricultural Economic Development
Suragani Veerababu Need to transform public library services for rural mass transformation
Surendran, B. kishore kumar, S. Implementing information literacy programmes through kendriya vidyalaya libraries to the knowledge society Accepted
Suresh, N. Thanuskodi, S., Dr. Application of Mobile Technology in Library Stock Verification: A Case Study Accepted
Sureshkumar, C., Dr. Digital Preservation of Libraries in digital era: Problems and challenges Accepted
Tamil Eniyan Mathiyazhagan Digital Literacies: Skills for Librarians
Tamil Vanan J Manalan J., Dr, Joyson Soundrarajan, Raja T., Dr Medical professionals and social media: best practices, benefits, and risks
Tamilarasan, T Mohamed Esmail, Dr & Raja, T., Dr A study of user attitudes towards ict based resources and services offered by arts and science college libraries in thoothukudi district Accepted
Thirumal, K. Uma Devi, L.N., Dr. Scientometric Analysis of Osteoarthritis Knee Research Publications in 2008-2010
Vasudeva Raja Latha, Padma, P., Dr. Cultivating Reading Habit early in Children
Veeranjaneyulu, Ch., Dr. Narayana Reddy, Ch., Dr. Digital Preservation with Special Reference to Digital India: Make Documents Online for Safe, Security and Access Accepted
Velmurugan, C., Dr. Electronic Resource Management
Venkata Rao, D., Dr Prabhakar, N., Dr & Lalithamma, M Role of Electronic Media in Promoting Reading Habits among Children in Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh – A Case Study Accepted
Venkata Rao, T., Dr. Govinda, N. Library services through mobile technology and social networks
Vijayakumar, K., Dr. Mohanadevi, R. Information Use Pattern of Electronic Resources by the Research Scholars of Arts Faculty in Annamalai University
Vijayalakshmi, C Kishore Kumar, S., Dr Knowledge management practices in arts and science college libraries in chennai city: a study
Vinoth Kumar, C. Palaniappan, M., Dr., & T. Thangamani Knowledge Management for Libraries
Vinothini.S Revathi.S Creative commons for knowledge center
Yagnasridevi, J.S. Jeyshankar, R., Dr. Role of LIS Professionals in Creating Knowledge Society Accepted