About the Conference

About the Conference:

              The “Knowledge Society (KS)” and “knowledge economy” terms were first used by Drucker in 1969 and he mentioned that knowledge will be the main element for economies. A knowledge society is one that generates, processes, disseminates, shares and uses the information and knowledge for the benefit of the members of the society to improve their living conditions. In such a society, information and the knowledges are the key assets or intellectual capitals which are the powerful producer of wealth than capital, land etc. The important indicators of a KS are literacy rate and quality education, social and economic development, equal access to information resources and technology, GDP, investment on R&D and quality publications.

              Libraries also play an important role in acquiring the knowledge, organizing, disseminating, sharing it to the people in the society and preserving it for the future generation. Libraries, as gateways to knowledge and culture, play a vital role in transforming the society into a knowledge society by providing required resources and knowledge- based services to the citizens for their life-long learning, education, research, new ideas, innovation and opportunities. Libraries provides need-based and customized knowledge services to all in the society – children, school, college and university students, researchers, adults, elders, professionals, traders, business people, workers and others primarily to make them ‘better informed citizens’ in the society and thereby increase their social and economic conditions. Librarians play a key role in this process of transforming the society into a knowledge society to empower the citizens. This conference will give an opportunity to the participants to share their ideas and knowledge which will in turn help to contribute for making knowledge society.